Lockdown and aftermath

So apologies for being quiet on this website for the last few months. There’s been some sort of pandemic…

So obviously Pilarmonics has not been able to get together to rehearse as singers are classed as super spreaders. Also, in Murcia where the chorus is based, amateur singing has been banned until further notice so even socially distanced rehearsals are not feasible. But fear not, we have been keeping ourselves busy. As well as Pilarmonics Zoom rehearsals some of the chorus have been involved in The Collective online choir.

There are 4 of us who participated in the One Voice performance you can see on YouTube https://youtu.be/1hAh53Vqsbk

Who can you spot?? One of them will undoubtedly be Donna, our PR and Marketing officer and super Bass who was a Section leader for this particular song.

So we are still meeting and singing online, and even practising our Christmas repertoire in the hope that we may be able to get together before the Christmas holidays. Hopefully we will be able to sing out soon!

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