Ready for Summer 2022!

Fun at SABS Harmony College

It’s been a whirlwind this year: getting back into the swing of being Pilarmonics in person. It started off slowly in September as rehearsals recommenced and we were still singing in masks and practising social distancing.

October rolled around and it was our workshop for World Singing Day. Read the blog post here. Great fun for Pilarmonics old and new – we welcomed Shareena – our new Tenor, and Wendy – our new Baritone! We also welcomed Lindy – another Baritone – in October as we learnt Christmas songs for our Christmas singouts.

Unfortunately due to changing Covid restrictions in Spain we were only able to do a couple of sing outs. We’re definitely planning for more in 2022! The ones we did do were a great opportunity for our newbies to get experience singing with us, and to get out into local venues once again. We finished 2021 off in La Zona, with a sing out and Christmas lunch (where Wendy ended up with a boot full of gravy!). We are lucky to have the support of Jo and her bar La Zona in Los Alcazares.

After Christmas we were rehearsing in earnest for the SABS convention which had to be postponed until 2023 due to Covid restrictions. No matter! Instead SABS hosted a Harmony College which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Read the blog post here.

Since Harmony College we’ve been rehearsing our repertoire and helping our newbies get up to speed, ready for sing outs in the Autumn – and of course for Christmas!

We’re rehearsing until Wednesday June 29th, so if you want to come along you still have time until we break for summer. Find us here.

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